The best serious dating sites for casual dates

The best serious dating sites for casual dates

we  aim to reference all dating sites, highlighting the best of them. By browsing the different pages you will discover dozens of dating sites of all kinds classified in different categories.

Nowadays, about 1 in 10 couples in the USA have formed through dating sites. According to a survey by INED, dating sites would be in 5th position means to find a partner. And the popularity of dating sites is steadily increasing because they are a fast and effective way to make new acquaintances. Every day, thousands of singles register on dating sites to find the right partner.

Top 15 best dating sites

Below are referenced about fifteen dating sites that are among the best currently. Some of these dating sites are free, others are paid at least for men (very rarely for women). In all cases, the registration is free which gives a good overview of the sites and services they offer. Do not hesitate to register on several sites to increase your chances of meeting the partner who corresponds to you. Good luck !


OkCupid is one of the best dating sites on the web today. Currently at the origin of more than 6 million couples, the service is resolutely turned towards an approach of meetings adapted to your profile.

OkCupid events are regularly organized in more than 70 cities to have the opportunity to meet the soul mate. Because a love at first sight can also take place during a cooking class, a painting class or a karaoke, OkCupid proposes to facilitate meetings so that everyone can be released during a friendly moment.

Registration is free and fast before you subscribe to a subscription and you can even download the application OkCupid to miss any meeting!

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AdopteUnMec is one of the best dating sites. It currently has more than 10 million French users. And it's one of the few dating sites with as many men as women.

As the name suggests, AdopteUnMec gives power to women. Men are considered "regional products" that women (customers) can add to their basket according to their desires.

AdopteUnMec is free for women. Men enjoy a free trial period - without having to provide a means of payment - but must pay later if they want to continue enjoying all the features.

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Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a high-end dating site that allows you to find the right person for you. Thanks to the personality tests offered by the site, you can easily find other singles as demanding as you.

If registration is free, you have several options to choose your paid subscription as you wish.

To guarantee an effective meeting with a respectful single person, each profile is checked manually beforehand. This avoids disappointments and ensures a serenity in your research.

With about 26,000 new registrants each month, Elite Singles is the perfect place to find the single person that suits you. Love may be just a click away!

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This is one of the best known dating sites in the USA and probably worldwide. Tinder is completely free and available on the Play Store and The Apple Store. To meet new people with Tinder, you only have to consult the profiles of other members and to like those who correspond to us. If they like our profile in return we get a "match". And then we can chat with this person, always for free. Tinder is such a popular dating site that it generates around 20 billion matches a day.

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Omegle is the geolocated dating app that already attracts 40 million users. Launched in 2014, it allows you to contact a person you have just met in the street.

An original concept that seduces connected singles who did not seize their chance when it came!
This application is free and secure. In order to protect your privacy, Omegle does not reveal the exact location where you are and you can block or report a user at any time.

Omegle is a dating service based on a principle of reciprocity. If you like him and you like him then you can get in touch, otherwise no exchange will be possible to respect the tranquility of each.

A respectful application that can lead to beautiful encounters!

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Attractive World

You are demanding and only want the best? So look no further, trust Attractive World! This dating site for demanding singles allows you to meet people you trust based on your affinities.

If the registration is free, however, you will need to be approved by members of the community of the site in order to enter the very select club 'Attractive World. Each new profile is manually checked to provide you with the guarantee of reliable dating.

Attractive World is here to coach and support you in your search. The site also offers you the opportunity to participate each month in workshops, ballads, visits between singles to meet you that could change your life!

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Ashley Madison

Launched in 2011, Ashley Madison is more than just a dating site. With more than 3,585,196 registered members, Ashley Madison has become a benchmark for meetings. Free for women and paid for men, this site takes the form of a social network that is both fun and interactive.

With a possible registration via its Facebook page, Ashley Madison is resolutely turned towards the future. A website that combines chat, photo and that really targets your desires. A combined application to the site allows singles to meet through geolocation. Meeting your soul mate has never been so easy!

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Once is a dating service application. Based on a principle of slow dating, it seduces thousands of singles.

Every day, Oz sends you a selection of 2 to 3 selected profiles for you. It's up to you to take the time to consult them and contact the person if you like a profile. If there is a "match", you will have the attention of the other person for 24h since it will not be able to go on other profiles.

Once, it's a point of honor to prioritize quality over quantity, in order to make every opportunity a chance to meet.

The service is free but Once offers various paying options to increase the chances of finding a soul mate!

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Easy Flirt

Easy Flirt is for singles who want to meet new people. As its name suggests, it is possible to flirt with online chat via message or even webcam.

Created in 2001, Easy Flirt has a base of 25 million members of which 100,000 new each week. Free for women and paid for men, registration and consultation of profiles is nevertheless free for all.

Ideal for serious dating or even short-term relationships, Easy Flirt offers you the ability to manage your friends lists, your private photos and block some people.

Thanks to the detailed search tool, you will be able to meet the one who answers you quickly!


Created in 2004, TSDates is a dating site for transgander singles wishing to engage in a serious relationship.

The particularity of this dating site is based on the presence of a strong affinity test during registration which leads to the selection of profiles adapted for you. Security is also at the heart of its commitment, TSDates is a point of honor to protect your privacy. Your personal data and correspondence are protected and you can choose who sees your photos.

With its 766,000 members, TSDates gives you the opportunity to meet the transgander person who best suits you for a serious and lasting relationship. Registration is free and you will then have the choice between several subscription options.

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Bumble is much more than a dating app. It revolutionizes the world of dating services by giving pride of place to social gatherings, be they romantic, friendly or professional.

Here, women take the first step by sending the first message. This allows them to be in an environment they can control safely.

Registration on Bumble is free but the application offers paid services to increase your chances of meetings. Like most apps and dating sites, Bumble has a geolocation service to find a soul mate / friend / future colleague close to home.

Bumble promises you nice parties whether they are friendly or in love!


eDarling is a dating site that is packed with millions of users around the world, with a presence in more than 25 countries. The site is accessible on several platforms, offers an application for iOS and Android, for its users with mobile platforms. The site and its application are ergonomic and very easy to use.

Thanks to its compatibility algorithm based on mathematical theories to find the compatibility of Internet users in relation to their sociodemographic data, their personal preferences as well as their psychological data, this based on the questionnaire that users must obligatorily fulfill.

Also, thanks to its customer service available 24/7, the site can accompany you throughout your registration process in case you encounter difficulties.

Another important, not insignificant factor is its data protection. At eDarling, the security of user data is a priority. This is the reason why each new single profile is thoroughly and manually checked. Besides this, it is also worth noting that each member's personal data is encrypted and secure online payments.

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Badoo is a free dating site with over 360 million members across many countries, including the USA. Badoo is one of the popular dating sites and therefore allows everyone to make new acquaintances nearby. Badoo is available through its official website, but also offers free apps for Android and iOS.

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Lovoo is a free dating site that has more than 70 million users around the world. Lovoo is accessible directly from its site, but also offers an application for iOS and Android.

Thanks to Lovoo you can easily meet and meet people close to your home because the profiles are displayed according to distances. This dating site is particularly popular among young people. In most cases, the members are between 18 and 32 years old.

The site and application of Lovoo are very simple to use and go straight to the point. Lovoo offers a version "premium" but we can very well do without and be satisfied with the free version.

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Recently arrived on the dating market, SeniorPeopleMeet specializes in singles dating back more than 50 years. Age is no longer a taboo, finished putting a profile picture where we had at the time a few years less or to be zapped because we had the honesty to put a recent self-photo . Age should not be a brake on the relationship and it is from this statement that was born SeniorPeopleMeet.

Registration is fast, easy and free. Then, you are free to choose the paid subscription plan that suits you. At registration each profile is checked and it is possible to participate in workshops, visits, sports outings ... to get to know each other better and why not meet his soul mate!